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4 Ways We Got to Inbox Zero in Less Than 30 Minutes

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Dreaming of getting to the seemingly unattainable “Inbox Zero”? We got there (and stayed there!!) in under thirty minutes with these quick tricks. Keep reading for a quick list of 4 ways to minimize your inbox clutter, stay on top of what matters most and eliminate that “holy crap” feeling when you open your email tomorrow.

  1. Unsubscribe from the stuff that you’re just deleting anyway. We’ve all been there – you get roped into giving your email address at check out, or you’re suckered into subscribing for something in order to read a full article. The good news is, this is a quick fix. The long way of doing this would be to manually go through and unsubscribe from all of the newsletters that you’re currently enrolled in. But, there are some great tools out there – like Unroll.Me – that do this for you. Sign up and simply select which emails you are either no longer interested in receiving, or that you’d like to receive in one neatly bundled “Roll Up” email that you can peruse at your leisure.

  2. Use folders, subfolders and labels. Some of this will depend on the mail platform you use, but for the sake of this conversation, let’s say we’re using Gmail. It’s a tale as old as time, and I’m sure we’ve all had parents or teachers tell us at one point or another –– “Put something away when you’re done using it.” That rule applies here, too. After you’ve read and dealt with an email, move it to a folder specifically for that client, project or type of email. Doing so keeps your inbox clutter-free, and your mental to-do list clear and concise.

  3. Bringing your morning snooze to email. Not ready to deal with an email yet, or simply just *can’t*? There’s no shame in needing to take a second from something that’s stressing you out. Using a snooze function in your email is a great way of putting something out-of-sight and out-of-mind without completely forgetting about it. Snooze that task email until 48 hours before it’s due if you only need one day. Snooze your flight confirmation email until the morning of, when it will then come back to the top of your inbox, ready for you to pull up quickly. Snooze the article your friend sent over until you think you’ll have some more free time to get to it.

  4. Keep track of where you’re at in the conversation, without actually keeping track. Save yourself some time figuring out what stage of the conversation you’re at with a client or teammate by integrating a tool like Streak into your mailing platform. With tools like this, you’re able to create custom tables that identify clients, what stage in a process you’re at, any notes and contact information and so much more – all together in your sidebar. Never again sift through hours of email to find that ONE bit of information that you need, and lose the need to keep that email in your inbox.

There ya go – 4 ways to get your inbox down to a number that doesn’t make you absolutely cringe with stress. Remember – small changes like this lead to really, really huge impacts. Make sure you’re taking time to make these small tweaks so you’re saving yourself from anything-but-small headaches.

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