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As allies, we can do more. A lot more.

Like many of us, we consider ourselves active voices for human rights issues and active allies for the voices of human beings that have been silenced for so long. We vote, sign petitions, attend protests. We're doing the things that, on paper, we should be doing as white supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, we can do more.

It is not enough to be just 'on top of things.' 'On top of things' is not sufficient, we need to be ahead of them. Asking your questions is ok – just be aware of who you ask and where you get your information. Do your own research, don't rely on the people currently advocating for their own human rights to now take the time to educate you on them. Reach out. See how you can help. Read books, have conversations and check the people in your life – some of these issues lie right in the corners of our own lives, our friends and families.

We live in a world where the spread of information happens in an instant. It is OUR responsibility to do our due diligence of checking the source of our information prior to spreading it in this speed-of-light world.

You'll notice a shift in some of our content as we try to be the best damn allies that we can be. We'll be vetting resources and sharing them with you, presenting you with ways that you can actively and immediately get involved and also share our insights into what we learn as we also continue to educate ourselves on the topic.

We do not want to overshadow the voices of those historically and currently experiencing these injustices, we only wish to help amplify their messages. All of our efforts are geared toward helping to end police brutality among the Black community and on a larger scale, racism in the United States.

Acknowledging that you still have a lot to learn and understand about something may be a hard thing to admit – especially with a subject such as this if you thought you were doing all that you could. But the truth is, we can all always be better. We can always learn and we can always grow. This is just one thing we need to learn about and grow around before we spend any more time focusing on anything else. That isn't a break-through concept and it shouldn't be a huge thing for us to do – these are basic, simple requests for basic, simple human rights.

Let's continue this conversation with some ways that you can get involved right now, without leaving the *exact* position you are currently in. This is just to get you started. We FULLY expect you to move your ass and support the movement if you are able to do so.

  1. Eight Can’t Wait | Banning chokeholds/strangleholds, requiring de-escalation, requiring warning before shooting, exhausting all other methods before shooting, a duty to intervene, banning shooting at moving vehicles, requiring use of force continuum and requiring comprehensive reporting. Data proves that together these eight policies can decrease police violence by 72%. SEVENTY TWO PERCENT. Click HERE to see how many policies your city has enacted and take action now, and get your mayor or sheriff’s contact information. It’s time we let them know that #8CantWait.

  2. Text | Text “ENOUGH” to 55156 / Text "JUSTICE" to 668366

  3. Register to Vote | Registering to VOTE has never been as important as it is now. Between these racial injustices and the lack of leadership at the very type inciting said injustices, WE have the power to use our voices at the voter booths and change the way our offices are run.

  4. Follow Black-Led Organization’s Accounts | Here are some you can start with – @blklivesmatter @colorofchange @naacp @showingupforracialjustice @civilrightsorg @reclaimtheblock @ethelsclub @unitedwedream

  5. Start In Your Circle | We can do more than we think we can in our own spaces. Start with your friends and family, the people you see and talk to on a daily basis. Send THIS letter to the ones that may need to become more educated on the topic, and start the dialogue in a constructive, productive way.

Our mission at Brydge has been and always will be to Do Shit Differently. Whether it be in regard to marketing or ways of thinking and operating in our judicial system, it is our fundamental pillar. You can expect more resources, more advocacy, less silence. We pledge to help do shit differently, together, as human beings and as allies. #BeAnAlly

See something that should be updated? Let us know.