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Brydge Hacks #103: How to pull a color palette from your photo inspiration

Last week we shared how to create a mood board that does the talking for you, in which we gave you tips & tricks (and even a free template download!) to keep your visuals on-brand - while staying on the same page as your clients. There's no denying that one of the foundational pieces to a mood board is the color palette, so to help you get this right the first time, we suggested you ask your clients to share any imagery that speaks to their brand. A photo of a bat in the night is a lot different than a baseball bat–– let's avoid that confusion right off the... bat.

Take our client Donna Baldassari, for example: a fine artist who's every brushstroke is inspired by nature. If Donna could sit on the beach and paint every day, she would... so, naturally, her image inspiration looks like a lot of waves, sand, and palm trees.

Let's say we want to pull the composition of colors from the above image. We're all about working smarter *not* harder, so it's about time we you show you another tool up our sleeve that will save you the guesswork and give you your palette instantly - down to hex codes - with just one drag & drop.

Meet our fav color palette generator tool from our friends at Canva: she'll take a photo you upload, and pull a perfectly matched color scheme to the hues in the photo (like so👇).

When you check out Donna's website or Instagram, you'll notice that a lot of these hues are consistent throughout all of her content, whether it's her own work, or a social media post we put together for her. Now that's what we call on-brand. 👌

When you identify a brand's color scheme, you'll have your own unique formula to begin building content around your palette - without the mystery behind those perfectly curated feeds or overthinking what content fits the bill. Continue to show up with content that matches your color story, and you'll not only have a consistent brand, you’ll have happy clients. You’ve 👏 got 👏 this 👏

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