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Listening, learning, supporting, amplifying.

Last week we made a promise to be better allies – that was not just a promise for one week.

All of us here at Brydge are huge supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, good allies and educators of those who need it. But we have also been listening, learning and thinking on how we can be better allies on a consistent basis.

Yes, we are committed to listening, to having conversations, to learning, protesting and donating. But we know that there is so much more work for change to be done and we are here to not only be allies, but accomplices to that change. As we share with you what’s new here at Brydge in the future, we will also be reserving space in our newsletters for weekly features, human rights information and actionable steps that educate and inspire us on how we can all continue to fight for equality. We understand that racial justice is a marathon, not a sprint – this is just one way that we can ensure that our team and those we are in contact with get involved in the ongoing commitment to social change.

In this week's newsletter, we talked about The Urban Grape – one of our Boston-based clients that teaches the world how to Drink Progressively. The UG, of which is among many things (a wildly organized display of beautiful wines, a knowledgeable team of the *friendliest* people who will help you find your new wine, delivery with a smile) a Black-owned wine and spirit shop recently spoke to WBUR with a powerful message that "Windows are not lives." See our full post here.

In case you missed Patrice C. Washington's IGTV post, "Dear White Friends: You Need to Pick a Side" we suggest you watch it. ASAP. Share it with your friends. Maybe you have some friends you haven't talked to in a while that are lurking on Facebook. Just saying.

John Oliver breaks down the concept of defunding the police in a very "well yeah, this makes a whole friggen lot of sense" way. If you're a fan of his, you can rest assured knowing that he yet again nails it. If you're not, you may be after this. This conversation starts around 25:52, but we recommend watching the entire thing.

We get it – some of the conversations we'll be having (regularly) are uncomfortable. GOOD. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Call out your friends and family – here is a list of anti-racism resources to help guide you. Hold your circle accountable. Clean up what needs to be cleaned up around you. There is a lot of listening to do, there is a lot of learning to do. But there is no, we repeat no excuse, for not doing both.

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