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What do we stand for at Brydge?

We've talked about it before and you'll see us talk about it again & again–– we are committed to doing things differently around here.

We mean so many things when we say this - from the way we represent our clients' brands, to how we're cultivating company culture. Our values are woven into the fabric of everything we do here at Brydge.

Today, we're highlighting a few of our pillars:

1. Inclusivity

There is space for everyone at this table, and we've reserved a seat for you.

We believe all voices matter and should be represented - within our team, within the marketing industry, and as a collective working toward social change.

We recognize our privilege to work in the digital space with a team that truly knows how to amplify visuals & messaging, and we're constantly evaluating how we can use our talents for the greater good. From creative marketing campaigns we launch for our clients featuring all shapes/sizes, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, to our newsletter that features resources to listen+learn+amplify+act against racial injustice.

We seek to brydge the gap - see what we did there? - by rewriting the narrative of marketing and how an agency serves its people.

2. Empowerment

We aren't a business without our people. We recognize that everything is a circle & that we couldn't thrive without our clients or a happy team. We're dedicated to cultivating a culture - both internally and externally - that empowers our team to produce really good work for really good people, who then take that empowerment and gift it back to the world.

Empowerment is a ripple effect, and it is the heartbeat behind our intentions at Brydge.

3. Integrity

We live by virtue as both individuals & as a team. We build relationships without wearing masks - so you can always expect the realest of real. 💯

We're true to the culture we're cultivating. We live what we preach.

We're proud of who we work with and the honest & good work that we produce.

4. Holistic Wellbeing

We believe there should be no separation between your personal & 'work' self, but rather, both are an embodiment of your authentic self. You are one unified individual - mind, body, soul.

We strive to create a company culture that honors who we are as individuals and our shared values. We hold space for our clients just as we do for our team internally - because we're all humans behind the businesses we represent.