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Puff Network: Company Profile

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The first few times I smoked weed, I didn’t actually get high, and I was so confused on what the hype around it was.

This is what being high is?” I questioned, wondering why television and movies like “Dazed and Confused” and “That ‘70s Show” made it look so fun. Still though, I continued to take hits, giggled at my red-and-glossy-eyed stoned friends and ate a ton of McDonald’s alongside them as if I also had the munchies (when in fact, I really just wanted an excuse to eat an unreasonable amount of fast food).

And then on one hot day when we were out of school for the summer, it happened. At last, I learned how to open my lungs properly, I confidently took a big hit from my friend's make-shift bong, and I got high. Yes, I finally understood the hype around weed, and I finally could relate to Kelso and Fez. “Weed is f’ing AWESOME,” my buddies and I agreed.

But it wasn’t until about a year or two ago that my now-twenty-something-year-old-self truly learned just how awesome it is, and what the deeper benefits behind cannabis are, like anxiety management, improved sleep, and pain reduction. And now that marijuana is legal in 15 states (with my current state being one of them!) it’s easier to educate myself and others about it, especially as legal cannabis companies are continuing to pop up, and resources and lessons about the plant are more readily available.

In fact, with all of this demand for legal cannabis use, predictions say that its global sales will surge to $89 billion in the next five years, which helps to explain the increase in companies. Though it’s great that this demand is being met, the competition for each of these companies is now getting steep.

Enter Puff Network. It’s the “trusted cannabis advertising network” and it’s the only place for cannabis companies to market their brand and their products (Google and Facebook currently don’t allow cannabis advertising).

Working with different advertisers, publishers, and agencies, the Puff Network likes to #DoShitDifferently. They not only provide a platform for cannabis brands, but also offer a space for them to stand out from the smoke in their “curated network of publishers and targeted cannabis audience.” So, you can easily deliver the message around your brand straight to the community and be kept top-of-mind when this green-loving demo is hunting for some new brands to test out.

Puff Network also “understands buying and selling traffic,” allowing them to provide intuitive planning and “unorthodox strategies for success in the thriving industry,” while “bridging the gap between online cannabis publishers and advertisers to create cutting-edge ideas that are translatable.” And the best part of this? All of it proves “exceptional results” through their campaign management, data interpretation and creative design.

To use the Puff Network, all you have to do is create your account, login to the self-serve dashboard to set your campaign preferences and launch your campaign. Yes – it’s that easy. It’s as easy, as fun and as painless, as, say, smoking a joint with your pals?

Some of Puff Network’s current clients include Higher Mentality, High Times, Herb and Cannabis Cheri, to name a few. Could your brand be on this list next?!

If so, head to and sign up today – and watch your cannabis marketing strategies (puff-puff) pass all of the other competition with flying colors!

PS, if you're looking to create a fresh new brand before launching promotional campaigns with Puff Network, Brydge is your team for logo + website design, packaging, photography, and more. Contact team Brydge today & let's talk.

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