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Tonic Vibes: Company Profile

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

“The results were life changing,” shares Brittany Carbone, Founder and CEO of the all-natural CBD company Tonic Vibes. When Brittany talks about her CBD journey and the creation of the brand, it quickly becomes evident that Tonic Vibes was “born out of necessity.”

Carbone embarked on this journey when she started searching for an every-day solution to manage her anxiety and depression, and something that “could help [her] like cannabis had, but would be workday-friendly.”

While on the path of seeking answers and results, she learned that combining CBD with ashwagandha root *actually* worked. In fact, it worked so well in creating a “stress-relieving, mood-boosting, adaptogenic powerhouse," that she decided she should share her findings with others that were having similar symptoms of anxiety and depression – and by an 11/10 majority rule, Tonic Vibes was born.

*Source: Tonic Vibe's "What Is CBD" Page

Management of different mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression, is only one of the many benefits CBD has to offer. Some others include pain relief, acne reduction, heart health, neuroprotective properties, substance abuse treatment and more, according to an evidence-based article on Healthline.

“CBD (one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant) is non-intoxicating, [and] interacting with over 70 targets throughout the body means CBD influences a range of physiological actions - from immune function and inflammation, to anxiety and sleep,” Carbone explains.

And, for all the ailments that CBD helps, Carbone and the Tonic Vibes team have created products to serve each one, ranging from skincare, to vape pens, to chocolates. They even offer CBD products for your pets! But what’s really great about Tonic Vibes and how they #DoShitDifferently, is that when scrolling through the website, you don’t just see products and a push to sell and make money–– you see colors of organic greens, earthy photos, stories and background on its sustainability and quality efforts, and the true passion to genuinely educate its audience on CBD.

Offered is a quiz to help find your perfect match, and through answering prompts like describing how you feel and how you want to feel on a day-to-day basis, you get results on what product(s) would be best fit for your needs and wants.

Additionally, the CBD that is offered and found in Tonic Vibe’s products are totally natural and use the “purest botanicals possible,” as one of the main goals Carbone and the Tonic team strives for is “to carry the torch for sustainability in CBD and agriculture alike, rooting our business in earth-friendly principles from seed to dose.”

To continue to fulfill that goal - and another highlighting way they #DoShitDifferently over at Tonic Vibes - is that the team uses biodynamic farming and organic and high quality ingredients. They thoughtfully grow and source their ingredients responsibly, and repurpose every part of the plant so that nothing is wasted.

So whether you’re moisturizing with the Outer Space CBD multi-correctional face + body oil, snacking on the Ghost Pepper Caramel CBD Dark Chocolate bar, or feeding your pet the very unique Zen Dog CBD treats, you’ll know that you’re not only using products with thoughtful, sustainable ingredients, but also ones that were created by a team who cares–– and with working results for relief on the mind.

And with Carbone knowing just how important it is to manage any symptoms that keep you from feeling your best self, it's clear she & her team truly care. She’s been able to find a solution in the usage of CBD, and build a company that believes in doing everything in the healthiest and most natural way possible.

And in turn, organic, every-day solutions are now accessible and available at Tonic Vibes – which you can find on their website, or on their Instagram!

Happy shopping, and get ready to #FixYourVibe with the beautiful, organic products at Tonic Vibes!

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