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You're a Main Feature | Giana Randazzo

Starting off as a hairstylist, she had no idea she would shake up the teeth-whitening industry with her game-changing creation. Imagine this: at just 19 years old, a light bulb moment struck her - why not create a purple toothpaste to combat those stubborn yellow tones in teeth? And boy, did she seize that idea and run with it!

Get ready to step into the extraordinary world of a visionary dreamer,

Giana Randazzo

Fast forward seven years, and her brainchild, Color Wheel, has become a global sensation, captivating customers in over 70 countries, alongside its success in the US. Get ready to be captivated as we take a deep dive into her awe-inspiring journey, fueled by audacious dreams, unwavering determination, and a heart full of kindness.

Let's dive fearlessly into her journey, where she boldly defies conventions, paving her own unique path and savoring the exhilarating taste of freedom.

It's a tale that will leave you inspired and motivated to break free from the ordinary.


LET'S HEAR IT: As a hairstylist by trade, I received clients that wanted to be that icy platinum blonde color and did not want to have any yellow undertones in their hair. To achieve this in the salon, we use purple shampoo and conditioner to help counteracts those tones… I always thought to myself why isn’t there a purple toothpaste out there that does the same for whitening teeth / canceling out yellow tones in teeth? I was 19 years old when this idea came to me, I took it and ran with it and have been selling my purple toothpaste creation Color Wheel for 7 years now and am full-time with it! It has sold everywhere in the United States and in 70 additional countries globally.

WHAT DOES KINDNESS LOOK LIKE TO YOU?: Kindness to me is doing for others and offering a helping hand with no expectation in return, just doing the right thing.

A TIME WHEN SOMEONE WAS KIND TO YOU AND HAD A GREATER IMPACT ON YOU THAN THEY KNOW: Having clients and friends always be supportive and root for me even when others may have not. Jesse Dore would be a good example of this actually. She’s always been a big cheerleader to me and made me feel like a rockstar even when I was just starting out.


do whatever you put your mind to. I also wish more people knew that college is not a NEED to succeed. Hard work and focus will truly take you sometimes further than a degree.

WHAT'S THE SINGLE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED AND WOULD WANT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS?: When you accomplish something on your own with little to no help, it feels like a way bigger deal and just feels better when you achieve something.

WHICH SINGLE WORD OR PHRASE DO YOU MOST IDENTIFY WITH AND WHY?: Freedom/Dreamer I feel like people always looked at me sideways when I explained the path I had in mind for myself and it’s because nobody would have thought being a hairdresser would have led me to a million dollar idea but it did… and I have never had small thoughts I’ve always had big dreams and never wanted to settle for less. I have always been willing to do whatever it takes to get my dreams and goals to happen and or take things to the next level.

WHAT'S ONE THING YOU'D LIKE TO CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO LOOK AT A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENTLY?: To not be so mad about people in charge of you and just try and become in charge of yourself. Freedom.

WHAT SONG(S) DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE ON REPEAT?: I’m weird / an old soul I listen to Frankie Valli all the time lol.



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