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Sugar & Kush: Company Profile

Taking sour lemons and turning them into some sweet, refreshing lemonade is no easy feat - and that’s exactly what Sugar & Kush Founder, Laura Brenner, decided to do in 2013 after being diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer.

As a “strong-willed woman of faith,” as Brenner describes herself on the Sugar & Kush website, she discovered her own resiliency and her own strength, and “refused to let the diagnosis bring her down.” She decided to fight her cancer “holistically and naturally,” by becoming a vegan, entering a new lifestyle, and using CBD oil, which “helped balance her body.”

After seeing success and entering into remission, she started sharing her story, explaining the benefits of CBD, and spreading awareness about it. Brenner explained on the Sugar & Kush website that it was when people began reaching out to her for help that she realized everything happens for a reason, and she truly believed she “was diagnosed for the specific purpose of teaching others about alternative medicine.”

Brenner then teamed up with her friend, Danielle Papajan, who was, “determined to bring CBD to the masses” and whose main goal was to “design a delicious product line while maintaining a healthy balance.”

And so, with Brenner’s resiliency and her powerful story, and Papajan’s motivation to help others, they came together to take the sour lemons that Brenner was handed and turn it into a delicious, sweet CBD company called Sugar & Kush.

Brenner and Papajan decided to #DoShitDifferently and wanted to create a brand that not only helped others through their own ailments and challenges, but one that was fun, relatable, and female-friendly, as CBD is a “male-dominated market,” according to the Sugar & Kush website. And now, after extensive research about CBD and the market, they not only have a company that achieves those fun, female-friendly, and relatable goals, but that is also affordable, Keto-friendly, non-GMO, and helps thousands nationwide with their problems across cancer treatments, pain relief, anti-acne, anxiety-relief and more.

With products ranging from bath bombs, oils, cookies, and gummies, there’s something for everyone - which was another main goal Brenner and Papajan had in mind: they wanted it to be accessible and enjoyable to all. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Another thing you don’t see every day is the passion that Brenner and Papajan have for the company and for their shoppers. They truly, really fucking care. And, it shows - not only because of how the company came to be, but also by the reviews on the website (almost all 5 stars!), the unique and colorful packaging, and the thoughtfulness put into each and every product.

And, because Brenner and Papajan took their sour lemons and turned them into something as sweet as Sugar & Kush, they’re allowing us all to take our own sour lemons - whether those lemons are sore muscles, stress, acne, or whatever else - and do the same. Sugar & Kush is a reminder that with the right attitude and premium products, we can tap into our resilience and resources and overcome anything.

And so, that’s exactly what I’m planning on doing: overcoming and beating my ever-growing, 2020-anxiety, with the help of the Sugar & Kush products. Yes, that’s right - I have an order of the CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies on the way and I’m *so* excited.

So, I’m saying hello to the cookies, saying goodbye to my anxiety, and giving a big “fuck you” to the sour lemons - thanks to my friends at Sugar & Kush.

Stay tuned for my product review coming soon!

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