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Sugar & Kush: Product Review

Between picking my cuticles like it’s my job and constantly expecting the worst-case scenario, I’ve always been a worrywart. And, as you can imagine, living in the age of the pandemic hasn’t made my anxiety any better - in fact, it’s only made it *way* worse. So, I’ve been on the hunt for something healthy and natural to help me mellow out, and I came across a CBD company called Sugar & Kush.

Before even buying anything from Sugar & Kush, I did my research about CBD because I had absolutely no idea what it was - but I was curious, intrigued, and desperate for a fix for my ever-growing anxiety (LOL, thanks 2020!). Also, in case you missed their company profile, you should check it out.

According to the FAQ section of the Sugar & Kush website, “CBD is short for “cannabidiol,” which is an extract from hemp. It is a non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp that is reported to have a number of health and wellness benefits.” The website also noted that “there are no negative side effects from ingesting CBD orally” and “the FDA has designated CBD as a food rather than a health product.”

Hell yeah, this is exactly what I was looking for.

So after reading a bit more about the uses of CBD and the products that Sugar & Kush sold, I decided to make my first purchase - which was honestly a lot harder than expected because there are so many great options and the prices are amazing (as low as 12 dollars - holler!). But after narrowing down my choices across different oils, gummies, cookies + bath bombs, I decided to go for the 100 mg CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies, which were only $19 plus $6 in shipping - totally beyond affordable, and something I actually didn’t see a lot of in my initial search for CBD shops and products. So, I guess you could say that Sugar & Kush is committed to #DoShitDifferently, which is something we can always get behind here at Brydge.

In addition to super cost-friendly products, something else that Sugar & Kush does differently is make a lot of their treats and snacks diet-friendly. The cookies I got are not only Gluten Free and Dairy Free, but the CBD they sell is always Keto Friendly. So, truly, their products cover all of the bases - especially, because on top of ALL that, they also fucking work.

Eating the CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies was such a nice way to end my long day of emails and meetings and election stress - not only because they were a yummy, pre-bedtime snack, but also because it really got me to relax and mellow out, and the feeling was the exact anxiety-relief I was looking for from the start. And something else that I wasn’t expecting: it also helped me achieve the best night’s sleep I’ve had in YEARS. I woke up so refreshed and ready to take on my day, especially knowing that I had another cookie to eat later that night (this time, with a side of coconut milk - 11/10 recommend).

So, even though I’ll continue to be the cuticle-picking, expecting-the-worst, stressed-out-girl that I know I am, all of that anxiety doesn’t seem nearly as debilitating as it once did because I now have a fix that I know works - and more importantly - a fix that works well. I’m so excited for this new hobby, my new CBD journey, and to try the other products (gummies, you’re up next!). To put it simply, I’m now a total Sugar & Kush queen. 💃

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